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Dr. Alex BoonAll editing is done by Dr. Alex Boon, a native English-speaking copy-editor with a PhD in the soil sciences from the University of Reading, UK, and several publications in high-impact journals. Dr. Boon has been editing manuscripts since 2015, working with many of the major editing companies, and has supported hundreds of pre- and post-submission manuscripts in the soil and agricultural sciences. He has worked on hundreds of manuscripts providing copy-editing and consultancy services. Dr. Boon has a passion for the effective communication of sciences and ensuring that manuscripts are free of English-related errors and the novelty and potential impact of the work is well presented. Dr. Boon will be delighted to work with you one-on-one to improve your manuscript and give you the best chance of publication.


Dr. Boon is one of the world’s few expert scientific copy-editors focusing specifically on soil and agricultural sciences. He has worked with many of the best editing service providers including Edanz Group, LetPub, Nature Research Author Services and LucidPapers. Since 2015, he has improved the English of hundreds of manuscripts in a wide range of environmental topics. He has also worked as a scientific consultant, providing detailed advice to authors in the form of reports, detailed comments and services such as journal selections and abstract writing. He has helped several authors through the full peer review process, including helping them to draft responses to reviewers and deal with rejection and submission to a new journal. 

Scientific experience and qualifications

Dr. Boon achieved a 1st class BSc in Rural Environmental Sciences from the University of Reading Department of Agriculture. He then completed a PhD in the Department of Soil Science (now the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences) with the title “Peatland Habitats as Sources and Controls of Greenhouse Gases”. His postdoctoral research included time in the Department of Meteorology, where he studied urban greenhouse gas emissions for two years and the Agriculture and Environmental Science Departments where he lectured in Soil Science topics. 

Dr. Boon has three open-access publications in international soil science and atmospheric science journals:

Gas diffusion coefficient of a UK peat grassland soil. 2013. European Journal of Soil Science.

Effect of cattle urine addition on the surface emissions and subsurface concentrations of greenhouse gases in a UK peat grassland. 2014. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment.

Evaluation of the potential of rooftop measurements of CO2 and CH4 in London, UK for the monitoring of city-scale emissions using an atmospheric transport model. 2016. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

For more details on Dr. Boon’s employment history and publications, please see his LinkedIn and ORCID iD.

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