The Editor – Dr. Alex Boon

Dr. Alex BoonDr. Alex Boon is a British scientific copy-editor with over six years of experience in soil and agricultural sciences. Alex achieved a 1st class BSc in Rural Environmental Sciences from the University of Reading Department of Agriculture. He then completed a PhD in the Department of Soil Science (now the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences) with the title “Peatland Habitats as Sources and Controls of Greenhouse Gases”. He embarked on a postdoctoral career at the university, firstly in the Department of Meteorology, where he studied urban greenhouse gas emissions for two years before returning to his roots to serve as a research assistant in the Agriculture Department and to lecture in Soil Science topics. Alex is now a full-time scientific copy-editor, operating from his home by the sea in Southwest England.

Alex has a passion for English and the effective communication of sciences. He is a member of the Council of Science Editors, SfEP, European Association of Science Editors and the British Society of Soil Science. He has two open access publications in international soil science journals and a third in a high impact international atmospheric science journal:

Gas diffusion coefficient of a UK peat grassland soil. 2013. European Journal of Soil Science.

Surface emissions and subsurface concentrations of greenhouse gases respond to addition of cattle urine on a UK peatland soil. 2014. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment.

Evaluation of the potential of rooftop measurements of CO2 and CH4 in London, UK for the monitoring of city-scale emissions using an atmospheric transport model. 2016. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Alex has been editing pre-submission and post-submission revisions of manuscripts in the Environmental Sciences for several years and has edited hundreds of manuscripts to date. Alex will be delighted to work with you one-on-one to improve your manuscript and give you the best chance of publication.