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As an alternative to basic copy-editing, Soil Science Editing also provides a detailed Scientific Editing service intended to ensure your content is well-structured, clear, concise and understandable for readers and reviewers. This is an in-depth service, with a greater level of support and commentary. Detailed comments are provided on your manuscript including identifying areas of weakness, poor explanations, missing citations, and irrelevant information. The quality of each section is assessed, including figures and tables, and details given on routes for improvement. A feedback email is provided, including suggested target journals and recommendations for large-scale revisions to the manuscript if needed. A full second edit is included in the price, along with ongoing email support until first submission. Note that Dr. Boon does not provide peer review or advice on scientific methods, statistical methods and presentation, data science or alternative graphical presentation. 


The scientific editing service may be best suited for you if:

  • You struggle with presenting your science in English. Dr. Boon understands that presenting in English is difficult for some researchers and wants to make sure that your ideas are presented as fluently as possible. Each sentence needs to do more than just “make sense in English”, it needs to effectively communicate your argument. Under this service, a manuscript with very poor English will be edited in detail to make sure that every possible meaning of a sentence is explored. The inclusion of many rounds of editing within the price can help to ensure that your intended meaning is clear and presented in technical, native English. In extreme cases, Dr. Boon will recommend that you instead engage the services of a professional translator in your native language. 
  • You have been rejected many times from your preferred journals. As long as the science is sound within your paper, there should be a suitable target journal for your work. Dr. Boon can help to identify possible journals and to identify major avenues for improvement based on the comments provided by reviewers from your rejections. If the science is not sound, additional experiments may be recommended, if suggested by the reviewers, to ensure publication is possible. Please provide reviewer comments, Dr. Boon will assess whether your manuscript is suitable for this service. 
  • It is your first time publishing a paper. It is not easy to approach journals the first few times, and sometimes supervisors do not have the time to provide the level of help and support needed to craft a successful manuscript. Consulting with an expert such as Dr. Boon can help to explain the conventional structure and presentation of information for journal publication. 



Scientific editing at Soil Science Editing is priced as follows: 

£0.080 per word (£80 per £1000 words). 

Minimum price £80 for abstracts and short conference papers of <1000 words.   

The turn-around for scientific editing is 7 days for manuscripts of 6,000 words or less, and 10 days for 6,000 to 10,000 words. For longer manuscripts, Dr. Boon will provide the turn-around time after assessment. 




To send your manuscript, or for any other enquiries, please use the form below, or see the contact page:

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Soil Science Editing is committed to diligence regarding the security of your content. All records will be removed once you are satisfied and no information from your content will be shared. In all cases the copyright of the content remains with the original authors.

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