Copy-editing Service

The standard copy-editing service at Soil Science Editing includes:

  • Full check of spelling and grammar
  • Check of consistency of US or UK English
  • Check of the logic, flow and readability of the manuscript
  • Check for missing information and basic improvements to manuscript structure
  • Check that the novelty and impact of the work has been well presented
  • Check for consistency of terminology
  • A free check of any changes made in response to Dr. Boon’s comments (<1000 words of new text). 

You will be provided with a track-changed version of your Word document, which allows you to see clearly the changes made to your document and accept or reject these changes as you choose. Comments will also be provided within the document. At present, only documents in Microsoft Word can be accepted for editing.



Copy-editing at Soil Science editing is priced as follows: 

7-day turn-around time (e.g., Monday to Monday): £0.035 per word (£35 per 1000 words). Minimum price £15 for abstracts. 

3-day turn-around time (e.g., Monday to Wednesday): £0.040 per word (£40 per 1000 words). Minimum price £20 for abstracts. 

Weekend 3-day turn-around time (e.g., Friday to Sunday or Thursday to Saturday): £0.045 per word (£45 per 1000 words). Minimum price £25 for abstracts. 

All manuscripts also incur a £15 administration charge. Multiple submissions (i.e. several journal articles or abstracts sent at the same time) will incur only a single administration charge. 

All payments must be made through PayPal, TransferWise or direct bank transfer in GBP only. Payment details will be provided with an invoice on completion of editing work. Payment is required within 14 days of completion of the first round of manuscript editing. 

Please contact Dr. Boon to arrange the editing of your manuscript. 


Having trouble with English? 

Most manuscripts are well suited to a standard copy-editing at Soil Science Editing but a moderate standard of English is expected. If you struggle with English, don’t worry, Soil Science Editing is here to help you but you may be recommended to use Dr. Boon’s Scientific Editing service to ensure that your manuscript reaches its full potential.


To send your manuscript, or for any other enquiries, please use the form below, or see the contact page:

Privacy and Confidentiality Guaranteed

Soil Science Editing is committed to diligence regarding the security of your content. All records will be removed once you are satisfied and no information from your content will be shared. In all cases the copyright of the content remains with the original authors.

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