Welcome to Soil Science Editing

grass and soil against blue skySoil Science Editing provides manuscript editing and improvement services for authors and publishers in the soil and agricultural sciences. Soil Science Editing is run by Dr. Alex Boon, a British copy-editor with over six years of experience in soil and agricultural sciences.

Soil Science Editing provides a high level of scientific editing services for manuscripts by authors with English as a second language, copy-editing for publishers and proofreading of books and manuscript collections.

Subject area coverage

Soil Science Editing is pleased to provide copy-editing services for manuscripts in the following fields:

  • Soil physics
  • Soil chemistry
  • Soil biology and ecology
  • Climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation
  • Land contamination and remediation
  • Environmental pollution
  • Crop agriculture, horticulture and agronomy
  • Sustainable agricultural approaches
  • Soil–atmosphere exchange
  • Atmospheric sciences and air pollution

If your field of science is not listed here, please contact Alex to discuss whether his services are suitable for you. Alex usually focuses his services on manuscripts in the areas of soil, agricultural, atmospheric and terrestrial environmental sciences to ensure that you always receive the top quality of service.

Why choose Soil Science Editing?

More than just an editing service.

At Soil Science Editing you will receive much more than a proofread of your work. Alex specialises in “manuscript consultancy”, a brand of scientific copy-editing that goes beyond language checking. Soil Science Editing provides the following services for all incoming manuscripts:

  • Full check of spelling and grammar
  • Check of US or UK English
  • Check of the logic, flow and readability
  • Check for missing information or potential issues that may arise in the review process
  • Suggestions for improvements to manuscript structure to ease the review process
  • Check for consistency of terminology and notation
  • Comment on the overall quality and impact of the manuscript

Multiple rounds of editing are included in the price. You receive a personalised service in which we work together to prepare your manuscript for submission to an appropriate journal. Continued email dialogue and advice is free of charge. Please note that substantial additions of extra text to later drafts or additional documents such as response letters or cover letters will be charged.

Know your editor.

All manuscripts are assessed by Dr. Alex Boon, a native British copy-editor with a multidisciplinary background in soil, agricultural and atmospheric sciences. There are no third-party editors associated with Soil Science Editing. Alex completed his BSc and PhD at the University of Reading then Department of Soil Science and has since worked in the Departments of Meteorology, Agriculture and Geography and Environmental Sciences and lectures in Environmental Science topics. He has several publications in international soil science journals and to date has edited several hundred pre-submission manuscripts. Alex is a member of the Council of Science Editors, SfEP, European Association of Science Editors and the British Society of Soil Science.

Competitive pricing

Soil Science Editing is proud to provide competitive rates for copy-editing and manuscript consultancy services with a single quote (however, substantial addition of extra text in later drafts or additional documents such as response letters or cover letters will be charged). Included in the price is continued expert advice and support for your manuscript submission.

By choosing an expert in your field of study, you are guaranteed assessment by a professional that is not only a native English speaker, but also understands the topic. Improvements to language, clarity and flow of a manuscript will ease the review process and improve the manuscript’s chance of publication.